When creating art that reflects the times we’re living in, the spaces we inhabit and the people we’re aligned with, collaboration is vital. After all, to distil the essence of one’s community, an artist must connect with their subjects meaningfully. It’s a mantra that Puma believe in and, with the launch of their new Suede Mayu, one they’re looking to tell through the stories of four rising photographers. 

Here, Puma has enlisted these artists — in London, Milan, Berlin and Copenhagen — to collaborate with their friends on a shoot that reflects the presence and energy of this new sneaker. Inspired by the irreverence of the Puma Mayu, and its playful take on a classic style, the following images speak to the individuality of the wearer and artist, their unapologetic spirit, and a commitment to their craft, not to mention the importance of creative partnership.


Photography Chris Calmer. Models Chili

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There are countless elements to photography, but there are three elements that have shaped my photography the most.

I am assuming you know the basics of your camera, as they obviously are important. Focus, exposure, and DOF are fundamental to capturing the photo, but photography is an art. It isn’t a science and these three following things require practice and perseverance.

So what are these three elements?

Skill #1. Observation

I have to be honest and say that this is something that only came to my photography in the last 5 years.

Prior to that, I saw something I liked and took a photo of it. One thing that I hear in my workshops is “oh I didn’t see that… you have such a good eye”. But I believe that is just training our observation skills. Everyone can do this.

Like most things, it doesn’t just happen overnight,

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