a person posing for the camera: Art market 2021: NFT-certified paintings, private sales, rare collaborations and karkhana chronicles

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Art market 2021: NFT-certified paintings, private sales, rare collaborations and karkhana chronicles

The latest trend to hit the art world, non-fungible tokens (NFT) certified art objects are digital objects such as a painting, animation, a piece of music, a photograph, or a video with a certificate of authenticity created by the artist use blockchain technology.

It is such a rage worldwide that even normally cautious auction houses such as Christie’s have latched on to it. In March 2021, Christie’s sold a digital artwork by artist Beeple for $69.3 million. Sotheby’s held its first sale of NFT-certified works by digital artist Pak over three days, from April 12-14. Since then, it has sold CryptoPunk  #7523, one of a collection 10,000 pixel-art characters created by Larva Labs, for nearly $11.8 million.

The NFT boom is said to have been fuelled by early investors in cryptocurrencies who eventually became millionaires.

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After many years in the darkroom, Academy Award-winning cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins is finally displaying his still photography to the public. Announced via the Instagram for Team Deakins, the podcast Deakins produces with his wife and collaborator, James Deakins, the prolific cinematographer will publish a book of his still photography later this year.

In the post, accompanied by a black and white photo of Deakins shooting a camera, it was revealed that the book will span over fifty years of photography, which has been “rarely shared” with the public. Titled Byways, the project is “something he’s always wanted to do”, having shot on film in the staggering number of locations he traveled as a cinematographer.


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Known for his work with filmmakers like the Coen Brothers and Denis Villeneuve, Deakins has over eighty cinematography credits to his

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