June 24, 2024


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5 Things You Should Know About Solar Pool Heating in New Orleans

One of the greatest ways to heat your swimming pool is using a solar power pool heater. However, adding a pool heater does not need a larger monthly utility cost or more time spent maintaining the pool. With solar pool heating near New Orleans, you may enjoy a nice plunge in your pool as soon as possible.

  1. Friendly to the environment

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. The sun’s heat is transferred to your pool via solar panels, which power your solar pool heater. They produce no carbon dioxide emissions since they heat water with natural sunlight.

For this reason, solar pool heaters are considered a clean source of energy since they don’t use gas or oil to heat the water. You can assist the environment by switching to a solar-powered pool heating system, which reduces your carbon footprint. New Orleans is an ideal place to install an eco-friendly solar pool heating system because of the abundance of available sunlight.

  1. Pool heaters are adaptable

There are several factors to consider when deciding if a pool heater is a right choice for your home in New Orleans, including the size and form of your pool. Pool heaters have the advantage of being quite adaptable. It doesn’t matter what atmosphere you’re in; they’ll work just fine. 

Solar pool heaters are often installed on the roof, where there is plenty of space and direct sunlight for the device to operate. It is possible to install them on flat roofs and tile roofs and on the ground provided the space is big enough.

  1. Minimal cost and energy-efficient

A solar-powered system will not cost you anything to operate, in contrast to an electric pool heating system. Your energy costs will not go up since they will be powered only by solar power. Clean, unpolluted sunlight is a plentiful and uncomplicated resource in New Orleans.

Solar panels may cost you money upfront, but in the long term, you’ll reap the benefits. Solar heaters are a great investment because of their dependability and longevity.

  1. Low-cost maintenance

Solar heaters are an excellent option if you’d want to do as little work as possible. Since there are no motors or fans to worry about, they’re less likely to get clogged than other kinds of heaters. A 15 to 20-year lifespan is not out of the question for a solar water heater. You may add additional solar panels to the line without compromising on the current ones if you decide to expand your pool or want to speed up the pool heating process.

  1. Quiet and unobtrusive

A common complaint about pool heaters is that they are noisy when operating. Solar heaters have the distinction of being discreet, so you may enjoy the water without the noise of the heater. 

Solar panels do not make noise since they use the sun’s rays to harvest energy, not motors. When using a solar panel pool heater with a quiet pump, the noise level is reduced to an almost ambient level. If you’re interested in learning which solar heaters are the most noise-free, speak with your nearest solar pool heater provider in New Orleans.

What is the Process of Solar Pool Heating?

The following components are often found in solar pool heating systems:

  • Solar collector: pool water circulates through a solar collector to be heated by the sun in a solar collector.
  • A filter: before water is poured into the collector—removes particles.
  • A pump:  is used to move water from the pool to the filter and back again.
  • A flow control valve: an automated or manual device that controls the flow of pool water through the solar collector.

The water in the pool is piped to the filter, where it is heated, and then returned to the pool through the solar collectors. It is also possible to utilize the collectors to chill the pool at night in warmer areas by running the water through the collectors.

Cold Weather? No Problem! Invest in a Solar Pool Heater Today!

You’ll get a lot more fun out of your swimming pool if you install a solar pool heater. With a pool heater, you can enjoy your pool all year round instead of having it lay empty during the colder months. To keep youngsters and friends and family of all ages warm as they swim in the water, a solar pool heater in New Orleans is essential.