July 17, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Akil Henley shares the evolution of Drone Photography for content creation and beyond

Aerial photography has come a long way from hot air balloons, helicopters, and now drones. The first known aerial photograph was taken in 1858 by a hot air balloon. The first drone photograph was taken in 1980 but it wasnt used for commercial or personal use but instead for surveillance. With time, people realized the creative potential of aerial photography and consumer drones. With the advent of smaller handheld drones, a whole new world was opened for this amazing craft. It soon became a favorite among photographers around the world due to its portability. Akil Henley is one of the photographers who has given a whole new meaning to the art of drone or also known as aerial photography.

Akil Henley is a native New Yorker born and raised in The Bronx. Growing up in The BX most people don’t venture out much outside the city. From a very young age, Akil had a deep-rooted desire to explore the world. He grew up as a fun-loving kid who was always interested in any type of sports, arts, or music. As he grew up, Akil realized his passion for creative photography. As he began traveling the world, Henley took his craft to the sky. Eventually, he gained expertise in the art of aerial photography and grabbed the attention of millions of people on social media.

Akil Henleys official Instagram account @traveldronelife has hundreds of wonderful captures from the sky. These pictures exemplify his eye for photography and his potential as a content creator. True to his mesmerizing creation Akil Henley described his creativity with the phrase Capturing the world from the sky”. His unique perspective of photography has been enhanced by the use of drones and helicopters.

As he was able to grab the attention of millions of people with his craft, he turned his passion into a profession. Currently, Akil Henley is offering some of his best photographs for sale online. As his photographs garnered a lot of positive attention on social media, he was getting repeat requests from individuals and businesses to sell them as prints. This business venture is a way of connecting with his fans and connoisseurs of art. Akils unique shots make amazing prints as gifts or accessories for home and office décor.

To take his expertise with aerial photography to the next level, Akil Henley has recently started providing coaching services. He shares his knowledge and experience with photography enthusiasts to help them discover their own perspectives to see the world. He guides people with drone set-up, photo editing, and social media management to garner public appreciation.

All the photographs and photo editing presets are on his official website Travel Drones Life” and available in both mobile and computer versions. Mobile versions can be directly viewed on smartphones and tablets with the Lightroom app which is available for Android and iOS. The computer versions can be accessed via windows and Mac operating systems.

Akil Henley is a successful entrepreneur, content creator, financial analyst, and Tech founder. He owns three companies and is able to efficiently manage them all. His company Henley Tech offers data reporting services. Traveldronelife is his media company that involves his photography skills and social media engagement. He also owns a company named Nature’s Serum that sells health products. He has released numerous apps on the Apple iOS store including the popular nFluencer app that has more than 100k active users.  You can also find his Widgets Guru and soon to be released Diamond Hands investing trading app on the Apple iOS store.

Akil Henley is a talented entrepreneur who is constantly rediscovering his skills in different fields. He is a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists who want to achieve their goals.