May 23, 2024


Super Art is Almost

Art exhibits, boxing, outdoor markets and a baking class

A worn-out Atlantis returns home for the last time in Jim Boland’s image of the Space Shuttle Program’s last flight a decade ago. The photographer’s work is part of “Spotlight on Space,” a space-themed art exhibit this month at Downtown Art Gallery in Titusville.

Art exhibit shines spotlight on space

Many of the 20 local artists currently in the stable of Downtown Art Gallery were formerly employed at the Kennedy Space Center or had parents who were part of the manned space effort. The gallery’s June show, “Spotlight on Space,” celebrates their past experiences.

Working in mediums that range from painting and photography to ceramics and sculpture, these artists have reinterpreted their shared connections with the space program in their own unique style, whether for a long exposure photo of a beautiful rocket launch or another out-of-this-world imagery.

Jim Boland, for example, is exhibiting his photo of Space Shuttle Atlantis’ last landing.

He captured the rarely seen residue leftover from orbital reentry, sad and touching reminder that this year already marks a decade since this final flight left and returned to Florida.