May 23, 2024


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Artist/Musician of the Month: Art COZ Features Alek Mack and Diana Wilson

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Art Colony of Zanesville (Art COZ) has announced its musician and artist of the month as Alek Mack with Alek Mack Music and Diana Wilson with Rose Moon Artistry and Gingersnap Photography.

Mack said he was 16-years-old when he was first given a guitar and was self taught as he doesn’t know how to read the music, but instead plays by the heart.

“Morals and ethics and love and stuff like that is where I get my drive from. You know, I love beauty… There’s color in this world that’s not black and gray and you got to be able to see it… I like to take a like a life lesson or something I’ve learned or something I see and turn it into a format that people can understand.”

Zanesville has the best community when it comes to art, says Mack. He shares while he was working in the oil field he would go play at the local Virginia bars, which built his confident from the support he received.

The other artist of the month, Wilson, expressed how art has always been a part of her life, but being apart of Art Coz has really allowed her to put more of her art work out into the community.

“I started when I was really young like my mom said ever since I could pick up a pencil I’ve been drawing so I started really young and then I just kind of kept going with it and really like doing it. So it’s like a calling type thing so I feel like I just do it out of a habit now.”

Wilson said that she tries to use all different types of materials, but normally she’ll use wash on water color, acrylic on canvas and digital art as well.

You can find more of Mack’s music on all platforms at Alek Mack Music and Wilson’s work on Facebook and Instagram at Rose Moon Artistry and Gingersnap Photography. Both artist of the month’s will be featured this weekend during the First Friday’s Art Walk downtown at Kristen Leigh Brown’s Art Studio.

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