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Comically Compressed Ford Fiesta In Washington Defies All Logic

Comically Compressed Ford Fiesta In Washington Defies All Logic

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Richland, Washington, you may stumble across a Ford Fiesta that is truly unlike any other.

This bizarre Ford Fiesta appears to have been roaming the streets of Washington for over 8 years when images of it first surfaced on Reddit. More recently, it was also snapped in Richland and if you jump onto Google Maps and look at a parking space near Howard Amon Park in Richland, you’ll see that the very same Fiesta is there.

As standard, the Ford Fiesta is a small car, particularly in two-door guise. Evidently, the owner of this particular Fiesta wanted one that was even smaller, similar in size to a Smart ForTwo.

While it is hard to say for certain if it indeed started out life as a normal Ford Fiesta, one social media user suggests the owner may have cut out the middle section of a Fiesta and welded the rear section back on. The result is a vehicle that looks like it has a wheelbase of about 3.5 feet and an overall length of probably not much more than 6 feet.

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Reddit (u/NationYell)

One of the most intriguing aspects of the car is the fact that the roofline at the front doesn’t match up with the roofline of the rear, resulting in a small hump between the two. Found on this bump is a sticker that reads Carleigh, presumably the name of the owner.

For as bizarre as the car is, we can’t help but think of how unsafe it is too. Getting rear-ended while behind the wheel could be disastrous and given that the Fiesta was probably modified in a garage or a shop, it would probably suffer some serious damage in even the most minor of crashes.

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Photos Reddit (u/NationYell)