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Get To Know Rare Cat Breeds

<strong>Get To Know Rare Cat Breeds</strong>

Most people are familiar with the everyday cat. The tabby, American Shorthair, and Siamese cats with blue eyes. Other people know the rarer breeds, like the Sokoke, Scottish Fold, or Minskin. But most people do not know any of these obscure cats.

Rare Cat Breeds

  1.  Sokoke. According to the UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), this cat is the rarest cat in the world. The origins of this rare cat species can be found in Kenya. Kenyans refer to them as feral cats that roam freely along the shoreline. The Sokoke is renowned for its calm and laid-back nature and has a vividly striped coat.
  2. Burmilla. Burmilla, a rare kind of cat, is as glamorous as it sounds. Silvery spots on a lustrous coat that resemble eyeliner on fabric. In America, the Burmilla is extremely uncommon, although it is becoming more common in Great Britain. Additionally, the rare cat species was created by mixing a Persian cat “accidentally” in England.
  3. Korat. These beautiful rare  cat breeds have stunning blue and silver coat that glitters. Korat cats have a distinguished past in Thailand’s Kingdom of Siam. In the fourteenth century, these cats thrived in monasteries and were regarded as a symbol of good luck.  They were considered a huge honor to own and were only reserved for members of the Thai government or foreign representatives.
  4. Turkish Van. the Turkish Van is a beautiful rare  cat breed that has existed since the 1800s and is native to the Lake Van region of Eastern Turkey. This breed of cats is rare due to laws the Turkish government for have put against the exportation of cats. The gorgeous, long-haired Turkish Van can be identified by the vivid crimson on their heads and tails and their adoration of water. 
  5. Burmese. The domestic obscure cat known as the Burmese cat is a native to Burma. This cat arrived in America in the 1930s and was mated with Siamese, according to the International Cat Association. This beautiful rare  cat breed comes in a variety of coat hues, even in lilac.

Beautiful Rare Cat Breeds 

  1. Norwegian Forest. The most beautiful cat in the world is the Norwegian Forest. Despite being big and tough-looking, this beautiful rare  cat breed is extremely sociable and thrives in a home full of people and pets. However, Norwegian Forest Cats are watchers. They prefer to observe people from a close perch and seldom step into a warm lap. Due to that rare cat species’ magnificent double long-hair coat and charming aesthetic, the breed enjoys the same level of popularity in the United States as it does in its native country, Norway. Additionally, it’s thought that Vikings kept this beautiful rare  cat breed on their ships to catch rats. 
  2. Cornish Rex. Cornish Rex cats are a beautiful rare cat breed that have curly coats. Additionally, they are exceptionally energetic cats with strong hunting drives. They are the product of a genetic mutation and need a lot of mental engagement. It is advised to have a good engaging cat puzzle if you want to own a Cornish Rex cat.
  3. Turkish Angora. The Turkish Angora has a wide neck ruff that gives it a lion-like elegance, a silky coat, and lengthy tail. The breed originated in Armenia and Persia. The cat was brought to Europe in the 1500s. Then, in the late 1700s, it migrated to the United States. The Turkish government aimed to prevent crossbreeding in the 1900s and maintain the dominant solid white coat of the breed, so they started the Angora breeding program. From the Ankara Zoo is often where American bloodlines originate.