May 23, 2024


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He-Man Villains Take Their Most Terrifying Forms in Jaw-Dropping Fan Art

In a piece of fan art created by professional comic artist Tony Moore, Skeletor and He-Man’s other iconic villains take their most terrifying forms.

The worst of the worst within the world of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have gathered together in an epic piece of jaw-dropping fan art where the villains take their most terrifying forms yet. The artist behind this piece is no stranger to comic book artwork, specifically in the horror genre, and their unique creative touch makes He-Man’s baddest villains pop like never before. 

He-Man was first created by the toy company Mattel in order to compete with widely popular Star Wars figures of that time. In order to get kids interested in this character that had no media presence upon the action figures’ release, the toy maker also produced a comic book origin story for He-Man and his main cast of characters. That comic was slipped into the packaging of every original He-Man action figure, an established storyline that paved the way for He-Man’s hit ’80s Saturday Morning Cartoon, which made He-Man the action-hero icon he is today. 


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In a Tweet by professional comic book artist Tony Moore, the artist shared a commission of a collection of every major He-Man villain gathered together in truly sinister fashion. Sitting in the center of them all is, of course, He-Man’s arch nemesis Skeletor with a number of Skeletor’s fellow evil-doers surrounding him including Beast Man, Trap Jaw, and Evil-Lyn. While He-Man is most known for its cartoonish aesthetic, this piece of artwork by Moore adds a layer of edgy darkness and bone-chilling realism, truly giving the impression that these are a legitimate, terrifying threat to He-Man and his fellow heroes. 

It is no surprise that Tony Moore would produce a piece of artwork of this caliber and style, as the artist is no stranger to darker comic book art. Moore is most well known for their work on horror and sci-fi comics and was the artist behind the first six issues of the Walking Dead. Moore also worked on Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider during the Spirit of Vengeance’s third volume, making an already hellish antihero even more frightening. As well as working on The Exterminators and Fear AgentMoore did the cover for Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International, which lived up to the legacy created by Rob Zombie throughout the horror icon’s career. 

Bringing horror comics style to the table on this truly amazing piece of fan art, Tony Moore has given He-Man fans everywhere a new perspective on the action hero’s classic villain lineup, making it clear that while these characters may be fun, they’d also be terrifying to meet in real life. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has always had some iconic villain designs, but in the skilled hands of Tony Moore, their full, chilling potential is realized.

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Source: Tony Moore

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