June 17, 2024


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Must Have Dishes for Foodies

A lavish lifestyle may adhere to individual perspectives, but one prevalent and very popular opinion will forever be the foody one. Some may take pride in their looks or success but everyone bows down and let down their curtains when food enters the conversation. Cricket and cinema may bag the first place when it comes to binding people together, but food takes the next stop and is undoubtedly what brings everyone together, not just in Mohali but everywhere. 

The opening of the lunch boxes, the incessant sharing in the canteens all link us back to memories, and today we have for you a bunch of exotic suggestions for food items that you can gorge on with your friends and treat yourself of some me-time 

  • A Cake or a Muffin 

A night stay with friends, a birthday celebration, or a simple craving all call for a lavish cake celebration. Make an online cake order in Mohali and treat yourself with lip-smacking chocolate, butterscotch, red velvet, or crumbly coffee, vanilla or strawberry cake. Invite your friends or have some me-time with your cake and Netflix.

  • Street Food

A trendy option for foodies that needs no introduction, bragged by everyone, this one special stream of food items has made a place in everyone’s heart and is a top-shot idea for an everyday snack or special treats. Winning options include golgappas, Tikki, kachori, chaat, noodles, the very tempting jalebis and much more. 

  • Sweet Dishes

The big-time choice for festive seasons but not restricted to it, it is an all-time snack for many many people who like to munch on sweet dishes like rasgullas, gulab jamuns, Soan Papdi and what not. Also mixed with namkeens and made more exciting with dry fruits, it is a popular stocked up item in many people’s closet. 

  • Chinese Dishes

You may wonder why only Chinese but the simple answer to this is its renowned nature and gained popularity amongst the youngsters. A very prevalent choice when it comes to curbing hunger and cravings. Noodles, soups and tangy curry flavoured dishes are the most famous and opted for. 

  • Shakes and Drinks 

No parties, no celebrations, no meals get complete without a side beverage like a mojito or a soft drink, but when untimely cravings hit, filling and massive shakes are what need to be encountered with. Chocolate shakes, oreo shakes, fruit bonanzas and many like those are the top shot choice. 

  • The typical Indian Cuisine

Often opted for, the Indian Cuisine, especially in a place like Mohali, is not a surprise. The deeply rooted tradition of butter and ghee on the very delicious chapatis and parathas with spicy flavoursome pulses and tandoori vegetables is a win-win choice for the people around the world. 

  • Pav Bhaji and Butter 

Needing no introduction, honing the population of north India, the very delicious and tempting dish pav bhaji is a no brainer. It is a must-have and often eaten dish not just in parties but also in regular households. Garnished with butter, coriander and sprinkled with extra spicy masalas it is a homely feeling to have not and steamy Pav Bhaji. 

  • Parathas and Naans 

Known as the staple food of Mohali and also North India is Parathas and naans superbly combined with butter or ghee to lubricate the top crunchy layers. Stuffed with potatoes, onions and a mix of all vegetables it is a very famous option in restaurants as well as an everyday dish at home. Cooked on Tawa, tandoor and other special provisions it is a big-time choice. 

All caught up with the major options that are often found primarily in Mohali for both occasions and birthday celebrations. With grounded vibes and especially the relaxed vibes, the above-stated dishes are most popular. Willing to try any new exotic dish you are welcomed abode, being a foodie you are a definite adventurer. Trying out and experimenting with new dishes is never a no, but coming back to those staple items that never let you go feeling homesick is a blissful feeling.