May 19, 2024


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Sharan Shetty from Pune among winners of 2021 iPhone Photography Awards

a close up of a horse

Winners of the annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA) have been announced for this year. From among thousands of entries into the competition across a total of 18 categories, Sharan Shetty from India has bagged the first place for the Photographer of the Year award.

The 2021 edition marked the 14th iteration of the photography competition held each year exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. Sharan’s image titled “Bonding” managed to grab him the top place among all the winners across categories this year.

Shot on an iPhone X, Sharan’s award-winning black and white photo depicts a man and his horse in the middle of an empty landscape. It feels as if the two are supporting or consoling each other. Sharan clicked the photo at Yanar Dag, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Each year, thousands of such entries by iPad and iPhone users compete for the top prize – IPPA Photographer of the Year Award title. The top 3 winners this year will receive a prize to be announced later. Other than these, winners are also announced for all 18 categories separately. The first-place winner from these categories wins a Gold Bar each.

While Sharan secured first place for the Photographer of the Year award, the Grand Prize Winner title went to Istvan Kerekes from Hungary. Istvan clicked his award-winning picture on an iPhone 7. Titled “Transylvanian Shepherds,” the picture shows two men holding lambs in their arms.

The picture has been taken in Targu Mures, Transylvania in Romania, against the backdrop of a cold, barren and polluted land. The weary men in such an environment seem to be a complete contrast to the innocent-looking lambs they hold in their arms.

With the winners for this year now announced, entries for next year’s IPP Awards have also been opened. Photographers using an iPhone or iPad can send in their entries for the same. Some pre-requisites mentioned on the IPPA website state that the entry photos should not be published previously anywhere or altered in any desktop image processing program like Photoshop. Photos from personal social media accounts treated with iOS apps, however, are eligible. Deadline for the new entries is March 31, 2022.