June 18, 2024


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Photo: Kirsty Mitchel

My Modern Met believes that art is an integral part of every human being. We believe in making art accessible, whether this involves learning to paint, researching art history, or being introduced to the works of rising artists. Engagement with creativity is something that should be cultivated and protected. Having access to the arts is vital and through the My Modern Met Foundation, we are devoted to helping fund art educators via Donors Choose.

We believe that one of the best way to support worthy causes is to donate to Donors Choose, a donation-based website that “empowers public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials for their students.” Their website allows you to search for classrooms that need support in an area near you. My Modern Met has its own Donors Choose Giving Page where we have highlighted classrooms throughout the United States.

We have donated directly to five classrooms, four of which focus on visual arts and one on architecture. Through My Modern Met Membership, we will be using proceeds to help continue to fund Donors Choose. You can play a part in ensuring that My Modern Met can continue to spread creativity, inspiration, and positivity online. Become a member of My Modern Met and support independent publishing as well as the commitment to making art accessible. Memberships start as low as $10/month with student and educator discounts available. Become a member today! Together, let’s cultivate creativity.


Read what educators have said in their heartfelt thank you to My Modern Met for our donations:

“Amidst this chaos of a pandemic and violent acts in the world my art students are so grateful to see good in the world. They are excited and will continue to be excited to use the new art materials.
They will explore the world of art further and try to imagine a colorful cheerful world. Art invokes a sense of peace and stillness that sometimes might be too few and far between. As a art educator I try my best to meet my students and push them to understand that art is a tool in creating happiness.
Thank you once again for donating. It was a Christmas surprise that has impacted me as well.”
With gratitude,
Ms. Lopez-Martinez


“I was able to get the supplies thanks to your help. Now, each student will be able to have their own art kit of supplies so that they can use them as either virtual or in-person students. You have no idea how grateful I am – I was having a hard time to giving each student a yellow crayon recently from the supplies that I have. Now, each student will have their own crayons, colored pencils, and all the colors that they need. I hope to encourage each students’ love of art to flourish with them.
Thank you so, so much.”
With gratitude,
Ms. Culver


Become a My Modern Met member to not only spread creativity, inspiration, and positivity online, but to also make art accessible!

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

Photo: Kirsty Mitchell

My Modern Met Membership comes with its perks. Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

    • An ad-free reading experience
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    • My Modern Met Foundation will donate at least 1% of Membership fees to the artist community

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