“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” — Julia Morgan. Those words by the revolutionary architect and engineer best sums up this ongoing series by Serbian photographer Nikola Olic, who describes his style as “abstract structural poetic photography” and ironically began shooting thanks partly due to another renowned architect.

“On the Brooklyn Bridge in 2013, an unusual Frank Gehry building reminded me of the wonderful words of Ansel Adams, insisting that we bring to the act of photography all the pictures we have seen, books we have read, music we have heard, and people we have loved. And with my photography, I hope to add some poetry as well,” he said.

Collectively, Olic’s “Abstract Structural Photography” is the embodiment of a cityscape that is both recognizable, with sites such as The Washington Monument

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Angela Lang/CNET

The 5G speeds, awesome performance and great camera make the iPhone 12 one of the best-rated phones of all time on CNET. It’s on the more “affordable” side of the four iPhone 12 models Apple launched last year, lacking as it does some of the camera pizzazz of the more expensive Pro and Pro Max models, like the telephoto lens and lidar sensor. But it’s still capable of taking some absolutely superb images.

If you’ve just gotten your hands on the iPhone 12 — perhaps a new purple model? — here are my tips on how to capture great photos. You don’t need to follow all of them, but keeping these ideas in mind will help you think more about your photography and turn otherwise forgettable snaps into memorable pieces of art. 


For this shot, I paid attention to the leaves in the foreground and the

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All images by Laurence Bouchard. Used with permission.

“I like the idea of building up a body of work that’ll exist when I don’t,” says street photographer Laurence Bouchard. And he will certainly be leaving behind a strong body of work. His street photography caught our eye because it’s clean and well-executed. Is it fine art? Is it raw and edgy? Or is it all of the above? Let’s take a look.

Editors Note: All opinions shared in this article are of the photographer and are not representative of The Phoblographer’s views.

Phoblographer: Hey! Tell us about you and how you first got into photography?

Laurence Bouchard: I’m from Bath in the UK and have been living in Tokyo for about 10 years now. I really got into photography when I moved to Tokyo in 2009 and got an iPhone. I joined Instagram and started to realize how good

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(© Людмила Прокопенко – stock.adobe.com)

For artists to protect their work, time, effort, and finished projects, they need to purchase the correct type of protection to ensure their work is safeguarded. Have you ever had your own artistic creations plagiarized, stolen, or used on another website? You can protect yourself from this happening in the future by purchasing the correct type of legal protection for your art projects and equipment.

Although this may seem unnecessary for small-time artists, you would be surprised at how often plagiarism and stealing content happens, especially in the online world where everything is circulated and digital.

To make a big name for yourself and really break into your

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