July 18, 2024


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FAR Center for Contemporary Arts to lead film photography workshop Feb. 15

The FAR Center for Contemporary Arts will offer a Film Photography 101 workshop at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 15 at their location on Fourth and Rogers Street. The workshop will cost $7 per person and guests must sign up online. The FAR Center’s community engagement coordinator, Chaz Mottinger, said if someone would like to attend but cannot cover the ticket costs, they should reach out to the FAR Center. 

The event has a 12-person maximum due to COVID-19 restrictions, and those attending are required to wear a mask. 

Local photographer Garrett Ann Walters will teach the workshop. Walters said she will explore technical applications of film photography, including the difference between certain types and brands of film cameras or shooting in black and white versus color. She said guests would have some time at the end to practice shooting photos. 

Brick Daniel Kyle, another local photographer, will assist with the workshop as well, according to the FAR Center’s website

While it’s not required that participants bring a film camera, Walters said participants are encouraged to do so if possible, along with a roll of film. 

Walters said she’s especially drawn to film because it’s much more precious than digital forms of photography because it’s a slower, more meticulous process. 

“It really gives you an appreciation for maybe not taking every picture, really making a decision,” Walters said.  “Like, this is a photo I really want on film forever. I find I take a lot less photos, and the photos I do take I like a lot more.” 

The class is a continuation of the FAR Center’s photography series, which examines different topics in photography every month. Their website states that all beginners are welcome.