July 18, 2024


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The Twelve Pages of Christmas

The Twelve Pages of Christmas

The holiday season is here and it’s a good time to find a Christmas-themed project to work on. I’ve got one for you, and I’m calling it The Twelve Pages of Christmas.

I often save tags from Christmas presents, pieces of pretty wrapping paper, or greeting cards. I’ve got a large envelope filled with these things, waiting for an opportunity to use them. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull them out and use them to collages some holiday-themed pages?

This is what I was imagining when I put together The Twelve Pages of Christmas

The plan is to use 3 sheets of paper, folded in fourths, to create 12 pages of a gluebook. Once your 12 pages are assembled, there is a collage assignment for each page. Here is page one, so you get the idea:

My pattern paper was wrapping paper from last year 😉

The gluebook pages are not that big (about the size of a passport) so it’s better to keep the assemblage simpler by using just a few elements. I’ve kept my paper selections to three pieces. You can always embellish afterward with some rubber stamping or other small paper pieces.

A kit to get you started, or DIY

For $15, I am offering a downloadable kit that includes the blank gluebook pages with the assignments labeled at the bottom, a sheet of beautiful tags (have you got some colorful ribbons at home?), and some tear sheets for decorating your covers. It gives you everything you need to get started right away, creating and filling your 12 pages of Christmas collages. You’ll also get access to a short 10-minute video to go over everything.

You are also welcome to create a gluebook using your own materials and holiday-themed ephemera without the kit. I will be doing a YouTube livestream on December 6th at 9am, where I will show you how to construct the gluebook using ordinary paper. I will also provide all 12 assignments at that time so that you can complete the collages using all of your own items. After the livestream, I will post the recording online for anyone who missed it.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s time to grab your holiday paper scraps! I’ve assigned the hashtag #mm12pages for this project. Once people begin posting their creations, you’ll be able to find them easily on YouTube or Instagram.

Learning collage art with my online course

For anyone who is looking for assistance with learning collage art with more detailed instruction and guidance, now is a good time to consider signing up for Collage Art Basics.

I thought long and hard about the kinds of collage lessons that would most benefit the person who wants to be more confident in their work. I take you through these lessons and show you how to approach the assignment and what feedback to learn from each one. I also provide you with a library of printables so that you can imitate what I have done if you’d like, or you can use your own papers.

Collage Art Basics is on sale at 20% off for $47 now through this Sunday. You will learn a lot, and your confidence will improve by heaps and bounds!

Where do I start! I have enrolled in other art schools online and Collage Art Basics is without a doubt the best value for money paid. I have gotten so much out of these classes! While watching these videos so many inspiring ideas came to me. Thank you, Margarete, for this wonderful class!


Holidays or not, I hope you’ll be looking to do some collage over the next couple of weeks. The end of the year can be stressful, and doing an activity you can enjoy (with just papers and a gluestick) is worth considering.