July 18, 2024


Super Art is Almost

UW-L senior art majors share their pieces one last time

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW)- Art majors graduating from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse have the opportunity to share their work with the community one final time.

Seven art seniors are set to put their project, “Inertia//Momentum”, on display at UW-L’s virtual exhibit beginning May 1. The Graduating Art Students Gallery Show, found on the university’s website, is scheduled to remain open to the public online through November 1.

Additionally, Grounded Patio Café, located at 308 Main Street, plans to host a smaller, in-person exhibit through May 31. The UW-L seniors participating in the events include the following:

  • Amber Boesel (Waukesha): Boesel is set to share her surreal and alternative process-based photography, saying the collection “tackles loss and decay, connecting inner-strife with the natural world through a photographic investigation of the self.”  
  • Sarah Conley (Buffalo City): Conley plans to exhibit ink drawings, paintings, and handmade paper. “I enjoy challenging myself to explore various mediums and techniques, which inspire the direction I take a body of work,” said Conley.  
  • Athena Gates (Stoughton): Gates will feature ceramics, graphite, watercolor, pigment sticks, and acrylic works. According to Gates, each piece “is inspired from my own emotions and experiences throughout life personifying them in my work.”
  • Katheryn Horne (Fall River): Horne’s work focuses on printmaking and an installation. To create her pieces, Horne utilizes reused paper and found materials. “Repetitive processes are an essential element of my work,” said Horne.
  • Kyra Litwin (Appleton): Litwin also plans to feature printmaking and an installation at the exhibits, along with several drawings. Litwin stated, “This collection of work expands across different mediums while remaining cohesive in theme.”
  • Ellie Schaap (Lodi): Schaap’s pieces include multimedia sculptural works and acrylic paintings. Schaap believes her work focuses on the “natural world and our impression upon it and its impression upon us.” 
  • Keegs Sturdevant (La Crosse): Sturdevant is also set to share multimedia pieces at the exhibits. Sturdevant said her work explores “the elements of design and our five senses to evoke an emotional relationship between the audience and the art.”