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What Are Notary Seals Used For?

Notary seals certify official notarial acts, giving documents a professional look. They also indicate the expiration date of a notary’s commission. You can purchase a seal separately or buy it together with a stamp. Most people choose to purchase both together for a discounted price. First, learn more about notary seals. Then, read on to learn how notary seals work.

Notary seals are used for official notarial acts.

Notary seals are the symbols used for certifying an official notarial act. These symbols vary by state, but they all have the same purpose: to transfer official recognition and authentication to a document. Notaries use a stamp or crimping embosser to affix their seal. The stamp or embosser must be indelible to be certified as a notary public.

Mississippi law requires notaries to use a rubber stamp for their seals. The notary’s name, commission number, expiry date, and “Notary Public-State of Florida” must all be included on the stamp. The stamp and seal are applied to a document in black ink in a way that may be replicated by photography. A milled or serrated edge border should surround the seal.

When a notary commissions a notary, they must obtain a notary seal approved by the secretary of state. A notary’s stamp must have an impression that can be photographed. The seal must also contain the words “State of North Dakota” and “Notary Public.” The commission expiration date of a notary must also appear on the document. Seals cannot contain any other words, symbols, or reproductions of the great seal of the state.

They give documents a classy look.

Notary seals are an excellent way to add a professional touch to your documents. The embosser is a metal clamping device that creates a raised indentation on a document. The embosser plate is engraved with information about the document. Before the advent of modern ink-based stamps, notaries used this method to authenticate documents. Documents using the embosser have a more prestigious look. Some states require notaries to use this type of stamp.

Notary seals are very durable, making them a valuable investment. They provide a professional look at documents and can prevent fraudulent activity while signing a document. However, the embossed notary seals must be disposed of after they are no longer needed. This process requires special care and attention, especially for metal embossing seals. For this purpose, you can use a heavy-duty steel file to rip the seal die insert into two pieces and dispose of them in separate trash bins.

They indicate the date of expiration of commission.

Notary seals are the universal symbol of the notarial office. They vary in size, dimension, and information. However, certain states require notaries to add their commission expiration date to notarial certificates. Therefore, commission expiration date stamps are an efficient way to add this information to notarial certificates. However, these stamps do not replace the official seal and must be used by a notary only during the commission expiration period.

In some states, a notary public must use a seal with a word seal. The word seal must appear above and below the seal imprint. In addition, the seal must include the words “State of North Dakota,” “Notary Public,” and the date the commission expires. There may also be a reproduction of the great seal of the state. The wording may be printed in either English or Spanish.

They are easy to use

Whether you’re a notary public or want to be more efficient with your time, a notary seal is a great option. They are designed to leave a specific message or marking. Some notary seals are smaller than others, while others are for average paperweights. Which one you choose is really up to you, as there are many different types and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a portable seal for your pocket or a desk-sized notary seal with a long handle, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Notary seals come in many styles and colors, from wood handles to stamps with metal handles. Choose one that features a dark ink color to suit your preference. If you’re traveling, you’ll appreciate the option of a stamp with a pre-inked pad. Then, you can easily clean it by placing a piece of tape over the raised surface and removing any debris that may have settled.