June 18, 2024


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Why Wear Sunglasses?

Not only sunglasses are excellent fashion fitment, they are also very crucial when it comes to keeping the good health of our eyes. According to medical professionals, there are two primary reasons why individuals need to wear sunglasses: for comfort and health. From the health’s point of view, people want to keep ultraviolet light away from the eyes and into the surrounding skin.

From the comfort’s standpoint, some people are very sensitive to brightness, as well as glare. By cutting down the brightness as well as the glare, individuals will perform a lot better and be very comfortable. Experts said that these things protect people’s eyes from sunburns and help slows down macular deterioration and cataracts.

Not only is that, the skin around it, like our lids, considered as one of the most prone parts of our body to get skin cancer. That is why protecting our skin in the face with Ultraviolet-filtering eyepieces is an excellent way to prevent getting skin cancer in that part of the body.

From the comfort’s point of view, these lenses are the best way to block glares. But they can be off-putting to individuals playing outdoor activities and sports. Individuals need to always check for glasses that block more or less 99% of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Check out this site for more details about the effects of the sun to the skin.

Although purchasing these things from a clinic is the best assurance of getting a pair of glasses that are pretty successful in protecting the eye from UV radiation, some cheaper options are now bearing seals of acceptance from optometrists, guaranteeing their quality effectiveness.

People do not usually have to spend a lot of money on eyewear to block out the Ultraviolet radiation. Most of the time, the cost comes from the frame’s quality and the lens’s optics. Some of these lenses are grounded and distortion-free in contrast to others who have pressed lenses where there may be a lot of distortions.

Why wear sunglasses?

Ultraviolet protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause eye problems like cataracts, photokeratitis (snow blindness), and benign growths on our eye’s surface. These conditions are temporary but pretty painful to the eyes. Wide-brimmed caps and hats can block more or less 50% of Ultraviolet rays, but experts say that the protection is not enough.

Protection from blue light

Exposure to violet and blue light has been a risk factor for conditions like macular deterioration, especially for people that are sensitive to sunlight.

Comfortable vision

The sun’s glare, as well as brightness interfere with our ability to see clearly and with comfortable vision by causing eyeballs to water and people to squint.

Dark adaptation

Spending two or three hours under the sun can hamper our eye’s ability to adapt quickly to indoor or nighttime light levels. It can make driving during nighttime after spending the whole day under the sun more dangerous.

Skin cancer

Cancer of the skin around the face, as well as the eyelids, are pretty common than what people think. Individuals need to wear eyepieces like Oakley Glasses outdoors whether they are running, driving, taking a long walk, participating in outdoor activities, running errands, working, or doing anything under the sun.

How to maintain healthy eyes?

Wear protective eyepieces any time they are exposed to Ultraviolet light, even during the winter and cloudy days.

Look for quality eyewear or sunglasses that can offer excellent protection. These things need to block out at least 95% of Ultraviolet-A and Ultraviolet-B radiation, as well as screen at least 75% of visible light.

Make sure that the lenses of the eyepiece are matched in color, as well as free of imperfections and distortion.

Do not forget protections for teenagers and kids. They spend more time under the sun compared to adults.