July 20, 2024


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Fewer steps to build an email: Drag elements in-between paragraphs

Fewer steps to build an email: Drag elements in-between paragraphs

Create your next email faster with images, buttons, and videos added directly into the text element.

When most people create a new email, they start by writing it from start to finish. Then, as necessary throughout the message, they may add an image, video, product, button, or other elements for context. Does this sound like you?

If so, we’ve got some good news. You can now drag and drop images, buttons, and nine other elements directly in-between your paragraphs. That means you’ll only need one text element for each email!

GIF showing an image, button, and social icons being added directly between paragraphs in an email.

That’s not all that’s new. Read on to learn more about how to:

Don’t like change? No worries, you can still edit your messages the same way you did before. But we do recommend trying out the new process — you might find it saves you time.

Drag images, buttons, and other elements into your paragraphs

Want to write your entire email and then add imagery or buttons for context? It’s now going to take you half the time.

Up until now if you wanted to add an image, button, or video to an existing block of text you had to manually break up your text into multiple elements with your new content between them. Now you can add elements between paragraphs just by dragging and dropping.  

Have a last-minute addition to make? It can be dropped into your email in seconds.

GIF showing social icons being added directly between paragraphs in an email.

Try it out: Drop any of these elements into the middle of your text.

  • Image
  • Video
  • Button
  • Social
  • Product
  • Coupon
  • Logo
  • Divider
  • Share
  • Carousel
  • Feed (the Magic Links element)

You can now add images anywhere in the text of your email. And we made it easy to grab these images from Canva, your desktop, or your existing gallery. 

Click in your email to place the cursor where you want your image to appear. Then click the paragraph icon to bring up the menu bar, click the image icon, and choose to upload, create in Canva, or pull an existing image from your gallery. 

See how easy it is to grab a header image from Canva:

GIF showing adding a Canva image in an email without ever leaving the tab.

Drag-and-drop images from your desktop directly into your email

You can now pull images directly from your computer’s desktop into your email. Do you have a bunch of pictures you want to place throughout your message? Drag them in!

GIF showing an image of a canoe dragged into an email about travel.

Wrap text around your images

Sometimes you want an image to “float” within your email — have the text wrap around it and appear to the side instead of simply above and below.

Here’s how to wrap text around images in your emails: Add an image, then resize it to be smaller than the full width of your email. Next, click the “wrap” icon to have your text wrap to the left or to the right of your image.

GIF showing an image added to the email from a computer, reduced in size, clicking on the wrap icon to wrap text to the right.

Build an email entirely within the text element

Here’s the kicker: You can now drag (or paste) anything you need into the text element. The only time you’ll need a row is for different background colors or multiple columns.

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