Robert Cumming, an artist best known for Conceptual photographs that were instrumental in a major transformation of camera work in the 1970s and early ’80s, died Dec. 16 in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. He was 78.

According to his life partner, Margaret Irwin-Brandon, Cumming died from complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Cumming worked primarily in black-and-white, the established format employed to distinguish photography as serious art rather than an element of commercial mass media, which favored color. He often made large-format contact prints, emphasizing a commitment to directness and honesty over preciousness and darkroom manipulation. But he discarded the usual sober, documentary pose of Modernist art photography, preferring instead to throw a monkey wrench into the visual mix.

Typical was “Ansel Adams Raisin Bread” (1973), a diptych with a quirky reference to Adams, the reigning king of glamorous, ostensibly straightforward landscape photography. A store-bought loaf of packaged bread, some

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When he was a kid in the seventies, first experimenting with photography, Charles Mason found that mistakes he had made on film could produce fascinating results. “You always look at things that went wrong, to see if they’re interesting on their own,” he recalled. “Did the photo gods step in and give you something?”

For the works he has on display this month at Well Street Art Co., Mason found himself back in this place. The show originated in a 2018 artist in residence stint at Denali National Park, where he employed the 19th century collodion process to take pictures and develop them on the spot, with serendipity and chemical interactions having as much to do with the end result of each image as Mason’s framing.

“It was the first practical way to shoot in the field easily and come up with reproducible pictures and make big pictures,” Mason

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NEW YORK (AP) — He’s a legendary musician and two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, but the thing that Graham Nash never leaves home without isn’t his guitar. It’s his camera.

The Nash in the supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young began taking photos long before he started making music and taunts fate every day to show him something interesting to capture.

“Here’s what I do: I wake up every morning. I get on with my day. If I’m leaving the house — sometimes when I’m not leaving the house — I take my camera and I say to myself, ‘OK, the world is going to show me something fantastic today. What is it? Come on, show me,’” he says.

The singer-songwriter is now ready to show us what he’s seen with “A Life in Focus: The Photography of Graham Nash,” a collection from Insight Editions spanning decades

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