June 18, 2024


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Traveling to Get the Perfect Backdrop for Portrait Photography Is Gabriel Maia’s Favorite Joy

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Professional photographer Gabriel Maia will travel across the world, just to get to that perfect location that acts as a backdrop for environmental portrait photography he captures. Along with the help of his daughter Rosiane, Gabriel has been enjoying massive exposure and praise for his art.

It all started for Gabriel when he was just 17 years old. Back then, there were no DSLR or mirrorless cameras. What you could pick from was a wide array of 35mm cameras. As his first camera, Gabriel picked the Olympus OM-2. This would become his trusty camera for quite some time, and he would take full advantage of what it could do.

Shooting scenes in national parks, at soccer matches, and of everyday city life, Gabriel worked on perfecting and refining his technique. As the years progressed, he managed to develop his own unique style that would become his signature in the photography world.

His photography would really take off once his daughter, Rosiane, began taking an interest in photography herself. By the time she was a teen, digital cameras had arrived on the scene, completely transforming the photography industry. Many professionals were transitioning over to digital, while a few old-timers who were set in their ways stuck to film photography. Gabriel decided to embrace this new technology and see what it could do.

Rosiane was also a model, which added a new element to Gabriel’s photography. It wasn’t long before this father-daughter duo was collaborating on stunning photography art that would end up landing their work in Vogue Italia.

To get into this prestigious magazine, they had to create a portfolio that was truly worth sharing. That led them to travel to Indonesia. This extraordinary country had everything they were looking for. It had expansive and beautiful landscapes. There were bustling cities where people lived and worked. There were also traditional villages that acted as living time capsules into what life was once like for many.

Their extensive collection of photographs from their Indonesia photo expedition resulted in them getting approved to have a portfolio of their best work showcased in Vogue Italia, where it is to this day.

This tremendous success led this father-daughter team to travel to numerous other countries, spanning several continents, in order to capture the perfect scenes. Rosiane would take on a more prominent role in the artwork, which shifted Gabriel’s focus more onto environmental portrait photography and away from black-and-white photography. While he still does take those occasionally, he has newfound success in the photoshoots where he collaborates with Rosiane.

As someone who is immensely passionate about photography as an artform, Gabriel doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He wants to elevate as many people as possible with his stunning photography art.

To see some of the environmental portrait photography from this father-daughter duo, you can take a look at their Vogue Italia portfolio. You can also follow Gabriel Maia on Instagram @rosyimages.