Digital Artwork Images menggunakan Facebook. Matt Bamberg’s e-book Digital Art Photography for Dummies is an excellent resource for each the beginner and the superior scholar of Digital Photography. I have read the guide and of especial curiosity to me had been the numerous overt and delicate recommendations about method and execution. Strategies which I’ve used to nice impact to dramatically enhance my very own compositions and to better focus and focus my shots.

I know Matt Bamberg’s writing and love his blog (). Should you’re new to pictures and confused by all the phrases, Matt takes you through the basics (although he says the guide assumes you recognize the principles of photography, he patiently explains the technical stuff). For those who’re a seasoned pro, skip the refresher course and just benefit from the fabulous photographs-which, by the best way, everybody will respect.

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One of the more anticipated events on the Laguna Art Museum’s calendar returned this month with the ninth installment of the Art and Nature showcase.

For nearly a decade, the museum has brought its patrons closer to the intersection between art and the natural world. Featured projects have often involved outdoor exhibits, but it was not unprecedented for the themed work to be placed indoors.

Friends, family, students and art enthusiasts made their way to the museum on Nov. 4 to take in multimedia artist Rebeca Méndez’s “Any-Instant-Whatever,” the finished product of work that began with capturing time-slice video of the Los Angeles sky during winter two years ago.

Those who stand before the four dozen video columns in the dark museum showroom are mesmerized by the range of color seen across the 15-by-39-foot board. The panels display motion pictures, recognizable largely because of clouds forming within and moving across

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