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Avid artwork collector Stephen Schwartz makes some extent of buying artworks specifically to be hung around the office areas of his firm, Criterion Administration LLC. He has expressed the significance of getting artwork in the workplace since the starting of his profession virtually 40 years in the past, and now says, Art humanizes a business, softens the sides, and offers a stimulating work environment for our employees and purchasers alike.” Whether it’s … Read More

Early in my newspaper career, when I had to do a little bit of everything to get the paper out, and did little of it with much expertise, I remember the feeling of Christmas-morning joy at finding that I had actually shot a sports photograph worth running at four columns wide, vertical, on the section front.

Digital photography, the ability to shoot unlimited images from a high school football game, and to see each one the instant after it’s snapped, has robbed a lot of shutterbugs of that unique feeling of good fortune. But it’s exactly the one I recall when I go into the postgame highlights that Madden NFL 21 saves for me and come out with half a dozen Sports Illustrated-worthy still frames that I almost have no right to claim.

Jean Adams, the senior art director for EA Sports’ Madden NFL series, says he and other

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