The Internet gives the illusion that everybody can be “somebody”. It surely has opened the door for some, but the hard truth is that most of us aspiring artists (including us photographers) remain largely unnoticed for our entire lifetimes, even with the mighty power of the Internet and social media.

Unlike sports, art is more complicated. For a 6-year-old kid starting to play football (“soccer” to those in U.S., Australia, etc.), it doesn’t take too long to judge if the kid has the potential to play professionally in the future. In art, however, it’s much harder to come to such an early conclusion, as artists develop over time and there are many late-starters, too.

Hoping to Be Noticed One Day

In my case, I started photography in my mid-30s as a hobbyist (or so-called enthusiast). In the beginning, it was purely for my self-satisfaction, but over time, I’ve grown a

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Artists fleeing fascism in Europe came to America in the 1930s and unleashed a sea change in magazine photography and design. Their revolutionary handiwork, and the work of younger American artists they inspired, is on display in a new exhibition, “Modern Look: Photography and the American Magazine,” at the Jewish Museum in New York from April 2 through July 11.

The combination of American entrepreneurship with European aesthetics and training yielded a golden age for U.S. magazines from the late 1930s to the 1950s, said Mason Klein, senior curator at the Jewish Museum and the organizer of the show. Some émigré photographers and designers studied at the


school in Germany, which pioneered modernist design. Alexey Brodovitch, the Russian-born art director of Harper’s Bazaar, painted backdrops for the Ballets Russes in Paris before coming to the U.S. He would exhort photographers with a phrase borrowed from the troupe’s founder, Serge

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Art & Entertainment,Art & Visual,Art & Culture,Art & Design,Digital Art PhotographyDigital Art Pictures menggunakan Fb. Lately there has been a growth in the websites which assist portray digitally on-line. The person remains to be drawing digitally with using software program: usually the software is on the server of the web site which is getting used. However, with the emergence of html5, some packages now partly use the consumer’s web browser to deal with some of the processing. The range of instruments and brushes may be extra limited than free standing software program. Pace of response, quality of colour and the power to save to a file or print are similar in either media.

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Watching a piece of choreography, one sees image after image, animated through movement, brought to life by a performer. But distilling dance to a single picture is an art form all its own. From just a few movements, an audience can immediately discern a story, an emotion, or even identify a choreographer. The flexed jazz hands in Bob Fosse’s work in Chicago, the kick line in Michael Bennett’s work in A Chorus Line, and more all take on a life of their own when isolated from the larger body of work.

New York City-based photographer James Jin has made it his mission to do just that: make still art from dance. Jin sees his photography as not just about getting a pretty picture—working with dancers from Broadway and beyond, Jin hopes to communicate inner emotions with outward movements, thoughts channeled through shape and form. Playbill sat down with

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