In an intimate show of nine paintings, Vito
brings to life a dialogue between the artists Man Ray and Francis Picabia—arguably under-appreciated modern-era masters.

For Schnabel—son of the painter and filmmaker
Julian Schnabel
—the exhibition features quintessential examples of works by two of his favorite artists, including Man Ray’s Non-Abstraction, 1947, and Picabia’s Helias, circa 1930.

Both are known to the arts community, but not the general public, he says, perhaps because these masters worked across artistic movements and genres. Man Ray is known for his photography, and roots in Dadaism, but few realize the extent of his painting and sculpture. Although he grew up in Brooklyn, and lived in New Jersey for a time, it’s often assumed he’s French since he spent much of his career in Paris. 

Works by Picabia—who was, in fact, French—spanned impressionism to Dadaism to radical abstraction, according to the Museum

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“Suddenly, absolutely overnight, 25,000 of the rarest photographs ever taken were off the market,” said Weston Naef, who helped Mr. Wolf plan the acquisition for the Getty and later became its first curator of photography. “It would be like someone removing half the gold from Fort Knox.”

Along with steady work for private clients, he also acted as a matchmaker of sorts, especially for young and under-the-radar artists. In 1997 he introduced the organizers of the Whitney Museum Biennial to Aaron Rose, an immensely talented photographer who was so hermetic that he had never participated in a major show. (He died in February at 84.)

Mr. Wolf lent 10 daguerreotypes by the 19th-century French photographer Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey in 2019 for a show at the Met Museum, in front of which he had hawked photos out of a suitcase more than 40 years before.

He collected friends

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