It is a measure of Mr. Bunnell’s success that today photography is unquestionably accepted as both a fine art and a discipline worthy of historical scholarship. Things were different in the late 1950s, when he entered college: He had to struggle to find professors, let alone programs, that took the subject seriously.

“There were lots of schools where you could learn to take pictures,” he said in an interview with The New York Times in 1972. “But despite a growing awareness of still photography’s importance, there was no program anywhere to study its aesthetics and history.”

At Yale University, he was the first student in the art history department to work on a dissertation about photography. When he moved from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to Princeton, in 1972, he assumed the country’s first endowed chair in the history of photography.

By the time he retired, in

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The Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta will be hosting a student photography exhibit in its upper gallery beginning Wednedsay, Oct. 20.

Titled “Through the Eyes of a Child,” the exhibit is part of a comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math program hosted by the USC Aiken Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. The program provides children an opportunity to investigate and document the nature they see around them. The program aims to inspire youth to get outside more, discover their natural world and take digital photos of their discoveries using a cellphone, tablet or camera.

“Today, competition for a child’s attention is fierce, and they are spending less time outdoors than ever before,” said John Hutchens, director of special programs at the Ruth Patrick center. “Many people blame this disconnect from nature on addiction to screens and gadgets. But digital photography actually can capitalize on their fascination with devices

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