For someone who only recently took up photography, much less has begun to master the camera, and only a second-year member of The Center for Contemporary Arts, Peggy Shepherd’s work stands out.

Enough that two pieces were chosen for this year’s national juried competition, or CCAN.

Peggy Shepherd's "Tribute to Georgia O" is an archival digital enhanced work in this year's CCAN show. The subject is a rose.

Her pieces are titled “Woodpecker Symphony,” a closeup of a line of holes in a tree of variegated colors that reminded her of a progression of musical notes, and “Tribute to Georgia O,” developed on high gloss metal of a rose for which she used an editing program for enhancement.

Her 2020 work was “The Seasons of a Lily Pond,” in which she studied the changing of seasons to fall in the floating pads. 

It’s abstract, she said, maybe an amoebic shape, but the viewer still knows he or she is looking at lily pads.

About Peggy, about Scott

Dr. Jack Ramsey with Peggy Steadman Shepherd, who was chairperson of the American Cancer Society volunteer program "Road to Recovery" that began in 1985. Steadman today is a social worker with Hendrick Hospice Care.

Shepherd is a social

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House Atreides weapon master Gurney takes off his helmet after landing on a sand dune.

Brolin relaxes in the sun, while still in his Gurney Halleck costume.
Image: Warner Bros.

Most movie art books merely collect concept art, behind-the-scenes photos, and maybe a few of the film’s best stills. Not Dune, part of Insight’s The Art and Soul of Dune Limited Edition. Instead, it’s a book pairing the art photography of Dune cinematographer Greig Fraser with writing by Josh Brolin, who plays House Atreides weapon master Gurney Halleck in the film.

As Fraser says in this exclusive video preview and conversation about their decision to collaborate on the tome, they weren’t just interested in chronicling what happened during the making of the film as much as “trying to capture an experience of being on a film set, and being with people you highly respect and love.” Check it out!

Again, the book is only available as part of The Art

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