Examining the inseparability between humanity and nature is a task that requires a certain vigilance, since humanity and nature are constantly changing. Orange Coast College’s Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion exhibition, “What Will Remain: Art in the Time of Human Dominion” explores that theme and recognizes that “humans have clearly marked the earth in a way that may be detectible millennia from now when future archaeologists dig through sediments yet to be.”

The group show, running Oct. 11 until Dec. 4, is curated by the Doyle’s director, Tyler Stallings, and features work from faculty in the departments of Art, Digital Media and Design, Film and Television, and Photography from the Visual and Performing Arts Division at OCC. Twenty-five individual artists and one collective of five artists for a total of 30 participants are featured.

“What Will Remain” frames the connections of humans to nature through a variety of lenses.


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