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Jean Tafler plays the title role in “MY WITCH: Margaret Hamilton’s Stories of Maine, Hollywood, and Beyond!” which will be staged by Snowlion Repertory Company Oct. 29-31 at Meetinghouse Arts in Freeport. Contributed / Snowlion Reperatory Company


“Autumn,” featuring John Bowdren, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday until Oct. 31, Hawk Ridge Farm, 90 Minot Road, Pownal. Outdoor sculpture garden by reservation only. Free, junelacombesculpture.com.

Call for Submissions: Chocolate Church Arts Center accepting works from Midcoast area photographers until Oct. 31, details at chocolate.na.ticketsearch.com/sales/salesevent/11560.

Maine Media, free, online conversations on diverse topics in photo, film, book arts and writing through Dec. 8, mainemedia.edu/events/lectures.

“A Phoenix from the Ashes,” Moss Galleries, Falmouth. Premier paintings commemorating 20th anniversary of 9/11, by contemporary abstract painter Michael Mulhern, through Oct. 23.

“Scenes of Maine,” annual exhibit of paintings, through October, Richard Boyd Art Gallery, 15

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Art & Entertainment,Art & Visual,Art & Culture,Art & Design,Digital Art PhotographyDigital Artwork Images menggunakan Facebook. Printmaking covers the making of photographs on paper that can be reproduced a number of times by a printing course of. It has been an important creative medium for a number of centuries, within the West and East Asia. Major historic strategies include engraving , woodcut and etching within the West, and woodblock printing in East Asia, the place the Japanese ukiyo-e type is a very powerful. The 19th-century invention of lithography after which photographic methods have partly replaced the historic methods. Older prints may be divided into the high quality art Previous Grasp print and popular prints , with book illustrations and other sensible photographs such as maps someplace within the middle.

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The Singular Work of a California Photographer, Unearthed – The New Yorker

Joan Archibald, a Long Island, New York wife and mother of two, was tired of her life as a suburban homemaker in the early 60s. So, she moved to California and, in the era of increasing curiosity of Eastern culture, she changed her name to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and time.

By the mid-to-late sixties, she began to perfect her photography and even took classes at a junior college. Kali worked by herself and did not share her work publicly. The considerable photography oeuvre that she produced was only rediscovered by her daughter, Susan, in 2016, three years before she died, at the age of eighty-seven.

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