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Digital Art Images menggunakan Fb. Sensible imaging methods both digital and movie, have a limited ” dynamic vary “: the vary of luminosity that may be reproduced precisely. Highlights of the topic which can be too bright are rendered as white, with no element; shadows which might be too dark are rendered as black. The loss of element within the highlights just isn’t abrupt with film, or in dark shadows with digital sensors. “Spotlight burn-out” of digital sensors, shouldn’t be often abrupt in output pictures because of the tone mapping required to suit their giant dynamic range into the more limited dynamic vary of the output (be it SDR display or printing). As a result of sensor parts for various colors saturate in flip, there will be hue or saturation shift in burnt-out highlights.

Underpainting is a technique that’s been used for hundreds of years, it’s essentially a base layer … Read More

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I’m no interior designer, but I’ve always loved decorating spaces and pinning thousands of home inspo pictures on Pinterest—2,373 to be exact. One décor idea I can’t seem to get out of my head is a gallery wall. That is, a group of framed artwork, photographs, and items hung in the same cluster on a wall. 

These arrangements are my adult home-owner aspirations, but thanks to Society6, I won’t have to wait that long to fulfill them. Known for its vast selection of pillow cases, laptop sleeves, and vibrant prints, Society6 is my go-to destination for all things home. Plus, these pieces are created by independent artists, and it always feels good knowing I’m supporting them.

In the wall art section, you can find framed art prints, tapestries, canvas prints, posters, and much more. And you’ll come across various mediums, like photography,

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Photography has always had a relationship to haunting as it shows not what is, but what once was.

The process whereby light must bounce off the subject and back towards the camera suggests that photographs have touched and carry a trace of what is shown. Scholars of fields from anthropology to art history have explored the association between photographs and ghosts.

This association is exaggerated by spirit photography, which are portraits that visually reunite the bereaved with their loved ones — a phenomenon I attribute to the creative innovation of a Boston woman in 1861.

Modern readers may be preoccupied by the motives and methods of spirit photographers — their use of double exposure, combination printing or contemporary digital manipulation to produce semi-translucent “apparitions.” But far more interesting is the impact the resulting photographs had on the bereaved who commissioned the portraits. At heart, the Victorian interest

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